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What is kraft paper tape
Kraft paper kraft paper tape is based only on its side coated with glue, to form a strong adhesive tape having.
  Kraft paper tape classified as water-free kraft paper tape, high temperature kraft paper tape, wet water kraft paper tape, white kraft paper tape, layered kraft paper tape. Wet water kraft paper tape can be used for printing. Free water kraft paper tape with high strength kraft paper for the substrate, coated with thermal glue together. Wet water kraft paper tape with kraft paper as base material made of modified starch as a binder. Stickiness before aftershave wet water, which has to write it on a brown paper characteristics. Applicable to the export or covered cardboard carton sealing handwriting.
  Kraft paper tape is mainly used in industry. (Such as printing cartons shield, clothing surface treatment, packaging weight of the object, etc.)
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