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How to store Masking tape?
Masking tape as manufacturers are not present Masking tape inventory problem? As Masking Tape buyer is not also sometimes buy too much of masking tape and do not know how to deal with it? Knowledge Whether you are a seller a buyer, as long as you have masking tape storage needs, so today I am introducing to you is absolutely valuable. Because I focus on today is masking tape storage knowledge.
  First, masking tape storage needs of a roll of masking tape placed beautifully, never masking tape folded after placement, and if masking tape place for too long, it is recommended that each season of the US profile paper tape once flip.
  Secondly, masking tape should choose a more suitable storage warehouse, placed after the Treasury in order to effectively avoid the masking tape by wind and sun. In addition, it must be careful not to have a strong corrosive substance in the vicinity of masking tape and stored in a damp area.
  Finally, masking tape storage should be placed in a very clean environment, Never masking tape placed in a tie chaos unbearable environment, so that the well-preserved Masking tape is very unfavorable. Also note that placing masking tape with respect to the environment is relatively dry.