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Do you know how to print sealing glue is it

BOPP sealing plastic film is based on the substrate, coated with a water emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive, because the advantages of its weather resistance, tensile strength, light weight, low cost and widely used. Applies to: all kinds of packaging sealing rod fixation, especially in the carton sealing glue, line automatic packaging machine sealing packaging materials have become mainstream. Color: transparent, beige, yellowish brown, earth brown, coffee, white, blue, red, green, orange, black, yellow and black warning tape, tape label printing customers.

US Pictet sealing plastic sticky good, can not afford plastic, waterproof. Characteristics, it is not easy to tear off the market accounts for the good coverage, according to customer requirements and samples of production printing, the printing icon. This enables customers to like or on behalf of a pattern or patterns printed sealing tape himself.